Peaceful coexistance from pole to pole.

The Collection

360 degrees. 360 meridians. 360 unique NFTs. A radically new vision of our planet. The typographic map of the world, made up of the delicate web of meridians and a hand-picked selection of settlements strewn across it, conveys the feeling of global interconnectedness. A quiet plea for peaceful coexistence.

The Artist

NFTXYZ is an up-and-coming Swiss collective for digital conceptual art, connected by a love of design and aesthetics. Their NFTs are marked by the courage to pare things down. A strong statement of plainness in a time of unlimited opportunities. The first drop THE NUMBERS was the foundation for their artistic creation.

The Mission

These NFTs don’t glitter; they don’t boast. Their timelessness and originality mean these collections will bring you joy for decades to come. NFTXYZ is not for everyone. If we’ve inspired you, please join the NFTXYZ community by following us on Twitter, Discord and Instagram.

What you’ll get

Your NFT is a unique typographic listing of maximum 6 cities on exact longitude coordinates. Go on an adventure and discover a diverse range of places across the globe, find small hidden treasures and unlock exclusive specials. The world can be yours.